Central heating by radiators

The central heating by radiators is one of the heating systems closest according to the human necessities, after the radiating ground. In the left of the graph appears the degree of ideal temperature by height, and to the right can be observed the temperatures obtained with radiators.

In the case of new constructions, first of all all, pipes are installed from the heating generator room to the concrete location of each radiator.

After all the work is concluded, including painting, it is proceed with the definitive installation of the radiators, and the heating generator (boiler, thermal pump, etc.) if it is not not installed yet.

For existing buildings and constructions, the central heating system is based on an installation of visible pipes. The criterion is always the same: pipes have to be visible as less as possible. Note that its covering is unnecessary, since pipes are already hot.

In addition to the traditional radiator, there exists the so-called “toweler”, specially thought for bathrooms.